Some of our more notable projects include the following:

Historic St. Louis Arch

On this project we partnered with the National Park Service to replace the broken granite pavers at the entrance and seal the joints at the entrance and thru out the patio area at the Historical St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Historical Old Court House

Once again we teamed up with the National Park Service to repair a well known historic landmark that is on the Underground Railroad register and known for historic movements in civil rights cases, The Old Court House. We were proud to have a hand in restoring such a magnificent and historicaly significent building. We have completed numerous projects on this building, such as, rebuilding the massive stone chimneys, repairing the granite retaining walls and iron fencing, painting and installing a new wheel chair accessible elevator.

St. Louis Historical Post Office and Customs House

On this project we teamed up with the Federal Government to bring back the grandor of an architecially beautiful, 140+ year old building in downtown St. Louis. We cleaned, sealed and applied water repellant to the limestone and marble facade

News Worthy Work

Our Workforce is very proud to have been in the spotlight on a number of occasions...We have been featured in the Jefferson City, Missouri Tribune and also on the front page of the Grand Forks, North Dakota Harold 

Jefferson City Courthouse

We teamed up with the State Of Missouri to build a stone wall at the Historic Jefferson City Courthouse using stone salvaged from the Old MO State Penitentiary 

Grand Forcks, North Dakota Post Office

We were contracted by the Federal Government to work with them on the Federal Building in North Dakota. We worked from ground level to over 50ft in the air to restore the tuckpointing, caulking and cleaning years of dirt & grime from the building.